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You must be wondering why the middle letter “p” in the word “proper” is capital.

“TYPO” error? Deliberate? Why?
Okay, let me answer this for you. Lets split the word proper into two, “Pro” and “Per”. Going forward for simplicity sake we will call it “Pro & Per”. Does it give you any clue? No?

Never mind, I am sure you all must have seen a CART-WHEEL, but did you ever think how deeply it is related to our lives. I mean “Pro & Per”. Yes “Pro & Per”.

In 2017, after leaving my stressful job with a multinational bank, I visited a pristine place in Cambodia, called Hariharlaya for week-long retreat and clicked a picture (on the right). It took me good 3 years to realize the beauty of this picture. This picture inspired me to start my own blog called “Your ProPer guide”.

I am sure you are still wondering what is Pro and Per. Patience..

To understand this theory let us first analyse the key elements of the CART-WHEEL in the picture. It has 2 Wheels, 1 Axel bar connecting the wheels, a Frame which gets extended for a human being or an animal to pull the cart. Let us not go into the mechanics but just concentrate on the above elements. Correlating these elements to the two most critical elements of our life. Firstly, the two wheels of life – PRO-fessional and PER-sonal, the Axel to these two wheels is our Brain, which tries to create the balance between our professional & personal lives. We as an Individual are trying to pull and push this CART-WHEEL of our life to reach our goal. Which one??

I leave the rest to your imagination, as to what will happen if the two wheels of our cart, i.e professional & personal are imbalanced. Life will be messy. Ha Ha Ha…

With this thought, I bring experiences from both my professional and personal life to enrich your life. This world is full of many enlightened souls, who are my inspiration as well and YourProPerGuide is my humble beginning in this direction.

There will be much to read, see and experience here. So, take your time, read my stories. Then make sure to drop me a line.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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