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You must be wondering why the middle letter “p” in the word “proper” is capital.

“TYPO” error? Deliberate? Why?
Okay, let me answer this for you. Lets split the word proper into two, “Pro” and “Per”. Going forward for simplicity sake we will call it “Pro & Per”. Does it give you any clue? No?

Never mind, I am sure you all must have seen a CART-WHEEL, but did you ever think how deeply it is related to our lives. I mean “Pro & Per”. Yes “Pro & Per”.

In 2017, after leaving my stressful job with a multinational bank, I visited a pristine place in Cambodia, called Hariharlaya for week-long retreat and clicked a picture (on the left). It took me good 3 years to realize the beauty of this picture. This picture inspired me to start my own blog called “Your ProPer guide”.


Let’s Get Acquainted with Navneet Kampani

If I say I am a learner. Cliched na!

Cause everyone is a learner, so what is different about Navneet Kampani? As Heraclitus said, “The only constant in life is change”. For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn. 

Growing up in a small middle class family with supportive parents brought me on to the stage of life, while making me recite poems in front of friends and neighbors. Grew up to singing songs in front of same audience to doing small acts again in front of same audience. I grew & evolved but the audience remained the same. 

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