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Awareness, Thought, Action

Firstly, wishing all my readers Happy Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu and all the occasions happening during this time of the year across the globe. Stay Aware & Stay Safe.

Last couple of days have been extremely busy, satisfying and delicious. Busy not being busy but engaging in work. Satisfying, one with the work and also the new book which I started reading. Will tell in sometime and delicious, as we made lot of delicious food over the weekend. My latest was Vegetable Manchurian with Fried Rice, which turned out to be a Michelin Star recipe (pat on my back and thanks to my wife for helping me fry the vegetable balls).

Okay, so let’s recap titles of my 2nd & 3rd blogs – 

Thought, Action, Awareness

Thought, Awareness, Action

The difference between the two was the sequence of the three words that is the core of our Being. Today I am going to extend our dialogue little further and change the sequence further – 

Awareness, Thought, Action

While, I did try to make some sense when I altered the sequence in the 3rd blog but real sequence of our Being and Conscious self is – 

Awareness, Thought, Action

It has a very deep meaning but let us keep our LIFE extremely simple and stupid and just understand why this sequence makes more sense than the previous two. We will go deeper at some later stage to have more fun.

In the first sequence, a very strong impulsive thought takes over the action before we can even be aware. The shot has been fired. Correct! In the second sequence, a strong compulsive thought drives our awareness to some extent through the emotional connect to act. I hope it makes sense! In the third sequences the “rein of the horse” is in the hands of the “Awareness”, which then controls our “thought to act” in an appropriate manner. It actually limits the ability of our “Ego” to control our thoughts and action. Does it make more sense?

Let us now put a simple realistic scenario to understand this slightly better. 

Head of Sales, when he sees the Sales MIS, seemingly being aware, his thoughts and actions are pre-defined. This is sequence 1, as his awareness is coloured by his strong compulsive thoughts and actions are all based on perception of awareness. This is real world. 

We have sequence 2 when a Head of Sales with preconceived thoughts, but this time he factors some awareness to act accordingly. His actions are seemingly not very different from the first one considering his compulsive thoughts are still driving his actions in a slight aware scenario. If not then he slips into sequence 3 or becomes a borderline case.

A true leader will be well aware of all the elements, the targets, the desired achievements, market environment, level of efforts put in by the sales team, operational difficulties. He will control his preconceived emotions, will try to reason out with his team and his actions will be diverted toward help not reprimand to ensure that he “does not demotivate” his team. He creates a culture of self-motivation to drive results. No self-proclaimed leadership ego driving the action. I hope it makes some sense. He is a ProPer Leader.

You may call it a coincidence or a hand of destiny, my wife bought this book – “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle in her last visit to India sometimes last year or probably 2 years ago. She pulled it out few day ago and I found it on our fireplace last week. I have been reading it for last 2 days and would recommend everyone to pick a hard copy or an e-copy and read it. It will blow your mind out. 

Today, I am going to leave you all with only 10 statements/questions, that I picked from this book for you to ponder upon, while you are in lock-down. Do not deliberate too much or debate in your mind. Just get to feel the texture. Such powerful questions & statements. Me still wondering……

Here you go – 

1. Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment.

2. Ego implies Unawareness.

3. Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and whatever you resist, persist.

4. The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance about the past can do that.

5. What is grievance? Baggage of old thought and emotion.

6. Can human beings lose the density of their conditioned mind structure?

7. Can human being defy the gravitational pull of materialism and rise above identification with form?

8. Intelligence in the service of madness!

9. Non-Reaction is not weakness but strength.

10. The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am.

I am sure………..

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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