Introspection and Art of Self Analysis

With the constant barrage of unending tasks that plague our lives daily, we’ve learned to simply go with the flow and become idle spectators to our monotonous routines driven by the fancies of people with whom we share our ProPer lives.

It is no surprise that we’ve failed to master the art of introspection that helps us always be present in the moment and experience life to the fullest. Introspection stays with us as a corporate jargon, which we often hear in our Pro world.

We’ve evolved into a generation that is fixated on our limitations and refuses to settle for anything less than what society deems agreeable. By submitting ourselves to ‘hustle culture,’ we’ve turned a blind eye to things that add more value to our lives in the long run. Having spent almost 30+ years in the corporate sector, the minute we realize that we will not derive any monetary gain from any ongoing task, we stray away from it and refuse to dedicate our time and effort to bring it to fruition. Well, such a society that mindlessly chases after such materialistic pursuits has indeed wandered away from the notion of self-introspection. Did I do? Are you doing?

You know, I learned it the hard way. When the going was good, there was no need, but when the going gets tough, that’s the time we try anyway and every way to get back. I realized this when I did some serious introspection. By introspecting our innermost thoughts and ideals, we can connect with our emotions profoundly. I will talk about this emotional connection with you some other time when I discuss goal setting. Our main prerogative isn’t to focus on our faults but to work on our strengths that will eventually align the path between our personal and professional lives. Only then will we be able to wage war against the biggest demon of our ProPer life- The ego. As Yogananda Parmahansa said, our ego is our biggest enemy that hinders our growth, whereas our will is our saving grace.” More often than we realize, we persuade ourselves to succumb to the inner demons that constantly belittle us and restrain us from actualizing our dreams and aspirations. While the art of Self Analysis has lost its importance over the years, now is the time for us to pause and contemplate the lives we’ve been living so far.

Here is how mastering the art of introspection and self-analysis will work wonders for our life:

1.Become aware of our good and our bad

2.Recognize our faults and limitations

3. Revel in our strengths

4. Focus on the areas of improvement

5. Accept our shortcomings and strive for improvement

6. Become aware of our pressure points

7. Acknowledging the thin line between our personal and professional lives.

8. Welcoming guidance with an open mind

9. Become aware of our Ego

10. Become aware of our actions and our reactions

11. Become aware of our attitudes and underlying motives

12. Become aware of our true purpose

13. Become aware of ourselves

Thus, you will be able to refine different areas of your life and create a diversion from your old ways of living. CHANGE THE PARADIGMS. It allows you to cultivate new habits and reduce dependencies on things that were causing more harm than good in your lives. The art of self-introspection is a perfect antidote to all your inhibitions. Not only will you be able to drive away from your imperfections, but you will also find solace in accepting yourself unconditionally.

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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