Communion of three main Human Faculties

In our daily lives, we are constantly on the move. This “on the move” is our struggle. From early morning blues to showing up at our workplace to finding time to pursue our hobbies (do we really have hobbies?), we invest our time in a myriad of things. First, we try to control the uncontrollable pretending to be in control of our lives. We often find ourselves trapped in a web of endless chores that constantly demand our time and attention. In the beginning, what might seem like child’s play might gradually begin to overwhelm us, taking over our time and energy. During such times, it is important to pause and reflect on the ways in which we spend our time and energy. Let’s pause and ask ourselves a question. Do we introspect?

Many a time, rather most of the time, we link our overall well-being and growth with our physical endurance or well-being. The more we are willing to toil to achieve the things we ‘supposedly desire,’ the more we find ourselves going away from our true purpose in life. At the same time, in chasing unrealistic standards, we turn a blind eye to our mental and spiritual well-being, which comes at the cost of our health. This creates a void in our lives and drives a wedge between our goals and our spiritual well-being. Hence, if we envision living our lives to the fullest, restoring the equilibrium among our three main faculties, Communion of Physical, Mental and Spiritual faculties is pertinent.

Our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties entail our body, mind, and soul. Through these entities, we act, think, and establish awareness. Only when these three align will you be able to cope with the challenges that life has in store for you, with the spiritual being the highest faculty and the physical being the lowest. Still, in practice, it is the other way around where physical becomes our highest faculty.

For instance, we all set goals and intentions to help unveil our life’s true purpose and bring us one step closer to our dreams. These surface-level thoughts, based on our understanding of the world through the five sensory antennas, which inspire us to create goals and desires, also direct our mental focus from time to time. This is how our conscious mind pushes us into actualizing our goals and continues to inspire us. However, this energy flow can often be obstructed if your physical, spiritual, and mental faculties are not aligned. The fear of uncertainty will plague our ProPer life, no matter how things are good today, considering we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Thus, as we strive to live life to the fullest, we must find ways of restoring equilibrium among our three main faculties, i.e., our spiritual, mental, and physical faculties. At ProPer, we espouse ways to derive true meaning from our lives rather than encouraging our baseless desires. Once you master equilibrium among your three main faculties, you will evolve into a force to reckon with and find inner peace.

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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