Goals. Goals. Goals.

While I always new and used the goal settings to my advantage while being in corporate sector, but never understood the distinction between them till I was introduced to “Thinking into Results” program by Bob Proctor. This changed my entire thought process, my life and here I am sharing my learning with you so that you can also change your life and be happy.

What is this Goal Setting? 

We know it and still we don’t know it!

In Pro-world we go crazy starting 1st of October of every year (the timeline may differ for everyone, but the craziness remains the same) to start the process of budgeting, i.e. goal setting for the next year for our companies and individual goals for ourselves. The same frenzy hits us in December for new year resolutions. Social media is buzzing with new year resolutions. Question is, what are we setting for ourselves???

Goals. Goals. Goals.

Believe me, If you understand the distinction between the 3 types or I would say 3 forms of goals, setting them will be very easy and achieving them will be extremely satisfying as you will be doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. Period.

The catch in doing so is you. Let me tell you how?

Let us start with the first form,

One we know we can achieve

Human mind is extremelyintelligent and convincing. It quickly transmits and convinces the subconscious mind to believe that Goal should be one, which we can achieve.

We know we can. Yes, we can. Job done. Goal set and achieved. Happy feeling.

When it comes to Pro-world, that doesn’t fly, and we are back to drawing board considering that the organizations are driven by outcome and thus “Öutcome Goals” get triggered which requires a company-wide collaboration as their specific milestones require inputs from all employees and thus are outside the direct control of employees. But when it comes to Per-world we only must convince ourselves and at a later stage our influencers, which is our family and friends…

Now we get pushed to second form of goal based on pressure from our company management and our influencers.

 Human mind again plays a trick. We start looking for something which we think we can achieve.

One we think we can achieve

So, the “know” now changes to “think” and we drive ourselves towards “Process Goals” where, the term “process goals” refers to the results one aims to attain by following a set of processes and activities to arrive at collaborative goals to achieve the objectives of our corporate requirements and the pressure that we get from our influencers in the personal life.  The mind tricks you into stretching your thinking and arriving at something which you think you can achieve.

What a mind game..

All driven in the best interest of others. What about you? Have you ever thought what you want? Are these ProPer goals for others and not for you. If they are for you then why not set something which you want. Big or Small how does that matter? It is for you. When it is something for you, you will never go small. It is human nature that it always desires to get the best and the best for itself.

Question here is, do you really know You? If yes, then the Goal must be,

What you want?  That takes me to the third form –

What you want to achieve?

These goals are extremely ambitious. Who is not ambitious in this world?  Who does not want the best of the best. Then why not dream and then work towards setting and achieving what you want from yourself and not what other want from yourself. All what we enjoy in this materialistic world is the outcome of someone, who set an extraordinary goal for himself and then strived to achieve it at all costs.

The 3 specific Benefits of the 3rd form of the Goal: 

  1. It offers you a specific direction.

It gives one a sense of direction, purpose, and a destination to reach. Setting and committing to goals inspires an individual to act and provide a defined course to follow daily, whether in professional or personal life. Break the paradigms and strive for newer approach, prioritizing and establishing your own benchmarks for success along the way for yourself, in the bargain achieving what you can and think you can achieve.

  1. It provides clarity to you. 

It allows a person to focus on what is truly important to him. Pro or Per. These Goals define the future one wishes to build for themselves, complete with metrics and dates, whether in personal or professional life. Without these goals, one squanders time on activities that keep them from progressing in life. Setting objectives allows one to mould destiny and seize opportunities as they arrive, whether in personal or professional life.

  • It helps with concentration. 

These Goals let a person direct their efforts toward something specific. Making plans and establishing objectives lays out the course one intends to take to progress in their personal or professional life. 

They provide a person a laser-like concentration that speeds up progress and improves the quality of the results. The goals can shape one’s priorities and aspirations one establishes for themselves.

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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