Gift of 6 Mental Faculties that Human Beings have

Human beings have been gifted with six mental faculties to create any universe they want by using their imagination, intuition, memory, perception, will, and reason. Unfortunately, as we grow, we build habits and paradigms, thereby losing touch with our mental faculties and our life gets driven by our inherited and developed paradigms. Bob Procter has strongly emphasized these faculties in his various teachings and lectures and how these mental gifts can be effectively utilized to empower ourselves and our lives.

I believe exploration and practice help develop these essential qualities, which later boost one’s potential for innovation and fulfilment in life. Let us discuss how one’s mental faculties influence one’s professional and personal life.


The creative mind is formidable. Imagination is an excellent tool for making something out of nothing. Wright Brothers gave us aeroplanes with their imagination; Henry Ford gave us automobiles; Steve Jobs gave us Apple, and Marc Zuckerberg gave us Facebook. It’s the tool you need to materialize a concept or whatever else exists, just in your mind. It all happens in the mind first, and then the universe makes it happen.

Things, feelings, and situations in our lives are all products of our imagination. It’s a powerful tool, but we often unwittingly put it to terrible use by visualizing adverse outcomes.

As a professional, a little bit of creativity goes a long way. Going the additional mile to attain a goal is often followed by a mechanical use of the brain with no original thought. Yet, one can be creative, innovative, and inventive by going the extra mile. Using one’s imagination in personal life is a terrific way to unwind and improve one’s quality of life. Hold your thought, and we will return to it when discussing purpose and goals.


Intuition is spiritual. In the way imagination is a mind game, intuition is the voice of the soul inside that guides you to the truth. In their personal life, as people learn to turn down the level of outside stimuli (five sensory telephones, as mentioned by Yogananda Paramhansa in his lectures) and the voice of their paradigm to turn up the volume of their intuition, their lives will grow more prosperous, and their sense of belonging will deepen. By guiding one to make more logical and correct decisions, a professional individual can increase their sense of contentment, well-being, and intelligence awareness while reducing tension, stress, and fear with the help of their intuition.


Our memory has an extremely strong correlation to our emotions. Our Emotions have a strong correlation to our thoughts and imagination, which is directly connected to our subconscious mind. It stores content that has impacted our subconscious mind. This could be positive, or this could be negative, and that drives our memory. So, it is not a question of what we want to memorize and what not? It is about what stays effortlessly.

The only thing that makes one person’s memorization efforts more effective than another’s, how emotionally they pay attention to what they are going through in their life. We develop our subconscious memory inadvertently. On the other hand, our conscious memory is driven by our five sensory telephones. For knowledge to be stored in long-term memory, one must first emphasize certain learning aspects and then arrange that information in their mind. This helps professional individuals get ahead in their careers and achieve their goals. A strong memory in personal life allows the assimilation of past and present knowledge and facilitates a smooth transition from what has been to what it will be. It all depends on your emotional connection.


A human being is born with free will and the power to reason to make life choices. The reason is that mental skills that we use for critical thinking, such as analysis, comparison, and evaluation. It is a tool that allows individuals to make decisions, regardless of the nature of the decision. It also has a second, equally important ability: it can mix the numerous pieces of data at its disposal to develop unique notions. These notions are driven by your free will to choose your path. The strength of one’s rational faculties directly impacts one’s relationships and the results of one’s activities. Most of the time, our mind falls prey to reason and convinces itself to use free will, which may not be in the best interest. Our Goals fall prey to this reason when we go through deciding on the purpose of our life. Our reasoning ability plays an extremely important role in what we want to be and achieve in life.


Driven by facts or driven by imagination or fiction. What people notice and interpret are both influenced by their perceptions. Both the conscious and the subconscious mind play a role in perception. There are good and bad sides to almost everything. But how it is perceived in the ProPer world can lead to a positive or negative outcome. Unfortunately, our ProPer worlds today are not driven by factual perceptions, but by imaginative perceptions created in the corridors of our office premises or social circles sitting across coffee or drinks. It is ideal if a professional can decide to direct his attention to facts rather than fiction and not fall prey to false perception.

People, on a personal level, are more aware of their surroundings and can better respond to them by using their sense of perception to guess how their loved ones feel during interactions. For example, humans acquire opinions about other people and organizations based on sensory inputs.


One of the drivers of our life. It is the saviour and can move mountains. As human beings, we are always compelled to act in a certain way or conduct ourselves in a certain way which is driven by our instincts, our habits and/or driven by societal pressures. Only our will can empower us to differentiate and choose our own path through free will. We are enslaved by our habits and paradigms. In one of his lectures, Yogananda Paramhansa beautifully articulated, “To be compelled to act in a certain way by the dictates of one’s instincts and habits is slavery”.   It is through your will, which is guided by soul discrimination, one can rise above and create a whole new world. Will is the most powerful tool and is the only saving grace that we have that can take us in the right direction.

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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