Thought, Action, Awareness

Thought, Action, Awareness.

Three distinct words, but our life is actually intertwined in these three words. The balance of our life and our ProPer being is lot dependent on these three words. If we understand the implications of these three words in our life, probably, (a) our thinking will improve; (b) we will be more aware of our actions; and (c) our actions will be consistent with our thoughts in the aware state of mind. 

Shri Shri Ravi Shankar ji in a very simple manner explained how these three words can change our Pro & Per Life. Thinking, is a continuous process. Our mind is always full of thoughts, as we keep thinking all the time. Some are very frivolous thoughts and we laugh about them and let them go, some stay but pass by and some stay to impact our decisions. Take a moment and try to stop thinking.  Can you stop thinking? Ah Ha… Difficult na.. 

Have you ever realized that our actions in our work-place or at home with our family or anywhere during the course of our dealing, are lot, to mostly dependent on these thoughts? Every action is driven by the strongest impulsive thought that stays with us. Try to introspect and think about our actions and decisions, if not 100%, majority of them were made by the thought that stayed back. Such “unaware thoughtful actions” in life make us do extreme harm to the CART WHEEL of our life. Unknowingly these strong impulsive thoughts are driven by our ego and insecurities of life.

Question is how aware we were while we let the thought result into our action? The need of the hours is to be more aware of our thoughts and navigate them to the best possible way. Sometimes it is important to let go of some of these impulsive thoughts into “awareness zone” to analyse the outcome of the action of these thoughts. Such thought after actions in the “aware” state of mind will result into prudent actions. While we are all extremely aware individuals about everything around us, but the question I want to leave you with is, how aware are we internally?

Thought, Awareness and Action.

Share your stories with me as we become aware of ourselves.

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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