Thought, Awareness, Action

While on the topic of thought, awareness and action, it becomes even more relevant in the current situation when fear, anger, distress, insecurity and anxiety has taken over our thoughts and our reactions to the situation. They are completely driven by the strongest impulsive thoughts in our mind. The situation worsens when our actions start harming others and inflicting not just physical but psychological wounds to our fellow beings and animals. The emotions that these strong impulsive thoughts generate becomes uncontrollable, thereby resulting in our actions that are just not warranted in the situation. I would like to stress upon more on the psychological harm that our actions bring upon a person. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to comprehend the harm. Our Corporate world is working extremely hard to over come the challenges of actions coming out of these unaware thoughts of people working in teams. My Teacher, Darlyle Abraham, while conducting Leadership Course mentioned that, “As leaders you should not learn to motivate your teams but learn how not to demotivate your them”. We are all miracles on this earth being one and only self and thus we are motivated enough to live our life our way, but can we ensure that our conduct does not cause fear, anger, distress, insecurity and anxiety to others? Spare a thought on the result of our actions.

We always say, “exercise restrain”.

What is the DNA of restrain?
Being aware of our thoughts and controlled actions. I know it is extremely hard to restrain when thoughts are impulsively strong and emotions are running high, but have we ever realized that our uncontrolled action does more harm to us rather the one on the receiving end.

The result of our actions?
There are mild examples in our day to day life while dealing with our spouses, children, siblings, friends, colleagues and for that matter our pets and animals on road, to some very extreme examples like road rage, acid throwing, rapes and many more emerging out of our unrestrained and unaware thoughts. I have personally paid a huge price of my actions based on impulsive thoughts while working in the corporate sector. Believe me people are ruthless in remembering and coming back at you when your chips are down. 

Ball is in our court and for that matter the change starts from us. We can only change the world if we change. Are we ready to bring in this change?

Navneet Kampani

Navneet Kampani

For me, the only constant in life is learning. I actually learn to learn.

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